We are a political collective of Republican Reactionaries, spawning from a diverse array of races, ethnicities and ideologies, joined in a unified set of core values that we have self-identified as the American Imperial movement.

We do not seek to split from the GOP, but to embolden our reformation, clearly delineate our desires and demands, and set expectations for the future of our party.

Not only are we the party of Roosevelt, Lincoln, Reagan and Trump; but ideologically and historically, the party of Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and Jackson. We define ourselves not only by our American Nationalist history and the pinnacle of Western Civilization, but by the decisions we make today; the ideas and values necessary to preserve our unique culture and carry our great American Empire into the future.

Prevent the Collapse.

Protect what we Love.

Our goal is to take an offensive—rather than defensive—approach to combating the ideas/actions put forth by our terrorist and globalist nemeses; acts that are irreconcilable with a habitable future for America.

To achieve this, we will remain steadfast and strong, vigilant and proud, promote politicians who will put America first, and secure a future for our posterity while reestablishing the sociopolitical Christian Western Values which continue to make our Nation great.

Our Symbol

The Twin X Flag


First appearing in 1940, the long-forgotten Twin X’s, as we will call them, were a symbol of theatrical rebellion against tyranny. We have rendered and stylized these shapes to fit a more modern aesthetic and a more multifaceted message.

1) We hearken back to our greatest modern generation; our brave heroes who fought for our National Identity almost a century ago. Their courage, fortitude and cultural ideology cannot be forgotten, nor overstated.

2) The X is a symbol utilized for shorthand affection to those we love, curses and death for our enemies, and a way-point for plotting our path forward. In this regard, the symbol stands for a duality in love and death, for natural and metaphysical discovery, and how we must come together in our ideology/worldview to attain our goals.

3) The X honors the Greek Empire along with the Greek letter chi symbolizing Christ as part of ongoing Catholic tradition.

4) The X honors the Roman Empire’s long-lasting systems, traditions and values; the Twin X’s being the Roman numeral representation of 20 (signifying the official founding of our organization July 4, 2020).

5) The design of this particular X features only right angles, symbolizing the nature of a worldview of focused right-minded ideology without obtuse points of view.

6) Lastly, the X is a symbolic variable that represents how Conservatives, Christians, Nationalists, and countless Patriotic Organizations are portrayed in the Media. Despite its innocuous and context-driven nature, the X is automatically seen by the Media as a symbol of anger, hate, and violence because it fuels an ongoing narrative.

In addition to our Twin X’s, we present our logo on a modified Betsy Ross American Flag.


13 Stripes and 13 Stars represent our founding Colonies.

The Red Stripes represent the blood of patriots, our courage, strength, and valor.

The White Stripes represent our triumphant spirit, optimism, and hope.

The Ring of 13 Stars represents the Eternal American Empire.

The Twin X’s within that Ring represent all of the ideas listed above, including our Manifest Destiny, Colonialism, the spirit of the Wild West, and Expansionism into the Future.

The Deep Blue color of the Ring and Twin X’s represent our steadfast commitment to law and order.

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Join Us. Prevent the Collapse. Protect what we Love.

© 2020 by American Imperial Republicans