As proud American populists, right wing reactionaries, and retrogrades* we must fully embrace our path forward. The modern Republican Party seems to broadly range from those who simply want to save their seat, even if it means never getting up to dance or show and sign of those who vehemently stand for archaic libertarian ideals that will be stripped from their corpses after the torch mobs reduce our civilization to ashes.


It is all well-and-good to have civic nationalist convictions, and we must all take enormous pride in our founding documents and god-given Constitutional rights. However, when our nemesis' goal is to destroy those freedoms, tear down that history, and burn everything our Nation represents, holding out hope for a heroic Constitutionalist to save the day is a fool's bargain. They are setting up the board for a final checkmate, with full control of the courts, the media, and our most populous cities. The next stage is bound to be a complete assault on the Constitution, and an attempt to silence and subjugate the white population.


Rights have no bearing when there is no one left to defend them. Last year, no one would have predicted the government could shut down all private business and remove our right to free association and movement. No one could have predicted that a married couple would be facing prison time for brandishing firearms before a violent mob. No one could have predicted that entire states, if not the entire country, would be forced into the fraudulent process handling elections entirely by mail-in ballot.


If we are meant to hold our breaths until our Constitutional rights and proper civic processes are granted back to us by the power-hungry elite, we will surely suffocate and die, blue-faced and broken. The Left is gutting our humanity and everything we value; remove us from family and friends, take away our jobs and livelihoods, euthanize our pets, and turn our all leisure activities into browbeating political propaganda. 

The only way to win is to play by the rules of the game they have long since established. It is only when we understand the rules and strategically assess the pieces that remain on the board that we know how to win, and how to make those rules work in our favor. Opting out of the game is perfectly acceptable, but ignoring these rules, or playing a different game entirely, is not a sustainable path.


Perhaps if/when our side claims victory, we can start playing a different, less intensive sport. Currently, in this social climate, we have no choice.

*Returning to an old school tried-and-true sense of moral, behavioral, sexual and social decency while also accepting and repairing the modern world.


The rules are not a gold-standard, but they are helpful to keep in mind, especially because these are adapted from the rules that the Democrats and Radical Left--consciously or unconsciously--have been guided by for decades, perhaps even long before they were committed to writing by Communist pragmatist, Saul Alinsky.

The rules are not a step-by-step guide, but a methodology for spreading a populist message with targeted efficiency. In order for any of it to work or be at all practical in the real world, a serious and concrete goal must first be agreed upon; which is why we are here.

So let's get started...

1) Never show your hand. Your power does not come from your own cards, but what cards your opponent thinks you hold. 

2) Speak clearly and never go beyond what you know. If you have data, use it; especially if that information goes beyond your opponent's level of expertise or comfort. If not, speak from your own subjective experience. Often, your facts won't matter to your opponent (or they won't believe you), so it's easier to use a priori examples.

3) Do not make your opponent's beliefs your own. Force them to play by their own standards. They will cannibalize each other in an attempt to prove who is more virtuous (or oppressed).

4)  Ridicule. Deride. Mock. Be relentless. There is no fact, no piece of data, no universally accepted scientific study that is as effective as simple vindictive and irrational mockery. Do not think yourself too proud or too noble to go to elementary school recess levels of verbal assault.

5) Have fun, and others will have fun being a part of your cause. Don't let your tactics go stale, or take yourself too seriously. The Republican Party under Trump has a rejuvenated exuberance, irreverence and spark that we haven't seen since Ronald Reagan. Take advantage of this and do not let it slip away. Never be boring.

6) Never back down. Keep your ideology strong and unwavering. No thots, no degenerates, no junkies. Prevent the collapse, protect what we love.

7) Hyperbole and grandiosity are your friends. The Left are pushing moderates further and further away, but moderates are still in denial that anything negative is happening. In their estimation, there is no totalitarian oppression unless the world resembles Nineteen Eighty-Four, despite it slowly happening right under their noses. It is your job to paint as detailed a portrait of the dystopian threat as possible.

8) Let them fight. Our operations must support our goals, but if the other side is going to self-sabotage, let them do it. Don't call out their actions as acts of self-sabotage or ignorance. Simply call it what it is: disgusting, violent, reprehensible, ugly, sad.


Let your opponents eat each other. Step in only when warranted. Fight fire with fire does not imply that you should combat violence with violence, but that you should meet a negative action with a correspondingly bold and powerful response. Be cautious not to use dynamite to kill the fly.


Blowback is sometimes more detrimental than the initial offense. Often, it may be justifiable to simply let people see your opponents being violent and thuggish and see you as the underdog in the fight. Always keep optics in mind. It does you no good to be speak or behave in a way that justifies the kinds of hateful and derisive names they will conjure up for you and your ideology. Stay calm. Smile in the face of evil.

9) Do not view the people you are trying to win over as malleable or sheep-like. Don't talk down to anyone other than your enemies. The Left is notoriously guilty of using the baffled, bewildered, uneducated, mentally ill/deficient, molested and drug addicted as easily manipulated pawns. We are better than this.


We want intelligence, free-thought and self-determination on our team. We have no patience for fools and will not lead the ignorant into battle. Moreover, people want to believe they are free, autonomous and self-motivated. Convincing a low-IQ fool to follow your message can logically only result in a temporary gain. People who feel manipulated will ultimately begin to lash out at their leaders. Camaraderie is key. The slave will always resent and rise up against the master.

10) Finally, we must personally identify our enemies. We must give them a face, polarize and collectivize them. We must ostracize them from normal functioning society, and strip them of sympathy. The target of our campaign must be human, and not systems or institutions. The institution will fall when the foundation is destroyed and it is people who make up the foundation. People are more easily harmed than institutions.