The War for Christian Values

Our country was founded on a set of common principles guided by deeply rooted faith in natural order, community, and God. We are a Christian Nation built and maintained by those who believed we were blessed by our Creator with inalienable and exceptional rights. While we respect and acknowledge a separation of Church and State, we believe that these inherent principles must be maintained on a secular as well as religious level to ensure our Nation does not fall under the unnatural evil of godlessness, deviance and disregard for humanity.

We hold that the Catholic values of social order which form the backbone of the Western World exist within every human being. It is the modern corruption of cultures and ideologies in conflict with these values which are responsible for some of our most existential crises. 

Stripping these moral and metaphysical principles from our collective psyche are extremely targeted, while many of us are blind to it. The industrial revolution pulled from us a sense of individual purpose, that we were insignificant cogs in a robust machine that would run smoothly without us. We overcame this dejection through reclaiming our self-worth through work and family.

But then they attempt to destroy the family through the social acceptability of addiction, abuse, divorce and negligence. They asserted that we are animals with no impulse control and can't possibly be held accountable for disregarding all of our social and familial responsibilities. At least we appreciated the underlying notion that our purpose in life was to raise our children to be able to survive in an ever-changing and challenging world.

But then they stripped from women the notion that there is anything sacred or natural about raising children. One of the most biologically natural and imperative behaviors in the animal kingdom is the bond between a mother and child. Yet we have convinced women that ripping a viable baby from their own wombs and killing it with the cruelest of strokes is a medical procedure no different from having a problematic birthmark or mole lanced from your skin. This belief system has psychological impacts on womankind in a way that only physicians and psychiatrists are fully cognizant of. But at least they have confidence in the biological and behavioral aspects of what it means to be a woman.


Not so fast. The latest in a series of ongoing attacks on our sense of normalcy and identity has been that of gender and sexuality. Just as the socialists have convinced Americans that there is no such thing as race (a concept that they are ironically now in a full reversal on), we are now meant to accept that there is no scientific reality to gender or gendered behaviors. Men can be women, and women men, simply by maintaining the delusion that it is so. The godless have invented the metaphysical scenario of a man or woman being magically born into the "wrong" body. While these attitudes may seem perfectly acceptable for the mentally ill, and for us to ignore, they have much more insidious results.

There are two universally accepted psychological norms that we take for granted in a normal functioning Western society which are next on the Bolshevist chopping block. One, they will sexualize children (that is prepubescent boys and girls). They will do this by making a plea to the childlike mentality of their low IQ base, while making the libertarian argument that there is no objective reality of societal right and wrong and children should be free to decide their gender identities along with their preparation for adult sexual behavior. Once the protectionist attitude we naturally afford our children is stripped away, as are our protectionist attitude toward everything we once valued.


Meanwhile, due to malevolent whim or false flag pandemic, they will attempt to strip households of their pets. This may seem heartbreaking, but clearly not as troubling as going after our children (for now). Household pets--dogs especially--have afforded mankind a dual sense of purpose and companionship. Unlike much of the uncivilized world, we have learned that taking care of a dog makes us warm and caring people who must be selfless by nature. For many, pets are a desperate attempt to fill the void left by the unnatural decision to remain single, depressed and childless. For others, pets are a valued and essential member of the family. Pets--again, primarily speaking about dogs, here--awaken in us a companionship that is psychologically healing. Unlike friends and family, a pet can be a crutch to better mental health. Pets can never truly harm our ego because they have no intention to do so. So many people who have lost everything else in life rely heavily on the companionship of a canine (or god-forbid, a cat). All other pets are wild animals that no one with a properly functioning brain would enjoy to the same level. Rodents, reptiles, birds, and fish must be for decorative or intrigue alone. But this is why the Left must remove these creatures (dogs especially) from our lives. When their plan is to strip us of our dignity, children, sense of order and personal responsibility, and our souls, we must not have a loyal and reliable friend to fall back on.

It is anti-Aristotelian, anti-Platonic, and decidedly anti-Christian to lose objective identity. We lose purpose, we lose direction, and we accept that because we've no longer attached ourselves to any sort of spiritual permanence, there must be no natural order in the world at all. This causes a social breakdown of epic proportions. Men become shamed and incompetent when it comes to exhibiting their natural strength and dominance over creation. Women become aggressive and self destructive in every aspect of life while simultaneously being mollycoddled because some aspect of the natural world order still acknowledges that their make-believe hardened facade will collapse at the first sign of unexpected confrontation. 

It is impossible to return America to a state of greatness while coddling and tolerating ideologies that are incompatible with Aristotelian philosophy. If we allow the breakdown of the natural order, the dehumanization of our populous, and the cultural dismantling of our communities, it will create further irreparable division and the complete destruction of our Nation.

Our common bond must be preserved; that is, a unifying vision of what this country represents and upholds. The more we import and propagate cultures and sociopolitical ideologies that seek to break down our guiding Christian principles, the weaker our country becomes. Every human being has a degree of natural wonder and an inherent sense of self. We are not a collective hive-mind. The more we distance ourselves from ourselves, the more assuredly we reach definitive conclusions about that natural of the world that are antithetical to our nature and survival.

What are these so-called Christian principles? Aren't these values uniform across every belief structure and background? Well, somewhat. Regardless of ethnicity or national origin, these principles include a strong sense of community, a paramount appreciation for the nuclear family structure, a foundation of respect for law & order, and the importance of faith, education and economic success of our future generations. Christianity holds these principles, especially how they are practiced in the Western World to a much higher standard than any other structure from Atheism to Fundamentalist Islam everything in between.

There are many aspects of our current society which need to be addressed publicly and privately in order to remedy the pervasive degradation of our Nation’s identity. As we have already outlined, these issues include, but are not limited to, our godless acceptance of abortion on demand, our public encouragement of deviant sexual lifestyles and economic trade, our rampant fatherlessness and anti-family divorce rates, our support of criminal and antisocial activity, and the sociopolitical tribalism that seeks to mentally and physically segregate a multicultural nation creating increases in violence and conflict.

It was through our faith in God and one another, a productive and pragmatic mindset that we were all working toward similar goals, that enabled a nation of European settlers to prosper; and it is only by returning to this state that we can move forward and repair this damaged empire.

The further we divide ourselves, the more rapidly we will fall. Viewpoints and ideologies that differ can only be useful in common discourse if the endgame is the same for all Americans. By every calculable metric, we are far beyond this being a possibility anymore. The endgame must be the same America that our faithful founders envisioned. Those who refuse to be on board with this rebuilding and reaffirming of our National Identity must not be invited to the table. They must be ostracized and kept distanced from our political sphere, our media, and our educational institutions. There is no easily identifiable metric that Americans can "come together" or be made "whole." We fundamentally disagree on every aspect of life and what our country represents. We fundamentally disagree on our principles and values. One side must take a powerful and dominant approach, and the other must be made to comply. If this is not acceptable, then we must separate our individuals within the nation, or be irreparably fractured forever. The Left has already put the wheels in motion to turn every white, Christian, or conservative into a second class citizen. We must either fight back against this system or be subjugated in perpetuity. 

For several generations, American citizens and those all over the Western World have been indoctrinated, by a growing globalist elite, with the cancerous ideology that the individual is insignificant, that faith is a detriment to progress, and that every aspect of the natural order is a social construct of a “system” that must be broken and remolded.

Empires crumble when society turns against its natural order and lose any sense of cohesive identity. It is only through an appreciation for our philosophical Christian ideals that we succeed, overcome, and prevent the collapse.