Fighting Communism: One Last Chance

An open society that grows more liberal, more progressive, and less orderly does not have the means necessary to combat insidious and destructive ideologies like Socialism and Communism from taking hold of the populous.


When the dark tentacles of Communism have wrapped tightly around the national discourse, they are then free to creep quietly, subliminally, and irrevocably into every aspect of our lives.

During the 1950s and 1960s, our government and society fought openly against Communist ideologies in academia and the media. This was seen as a preemptive assault on free speech and free association. In reality, it was an attempt to keep a corrosive ideology contained and marginalized. In the same way that America heard the voices of ethno-nationalists and terrorists and allowed for them to become fringe, we wanted the same for those who spoke about the destruction of our national identity, capitalism, and the glorification of Communist states. Those who were “blacklisted” or ousted from society were actively working against the country, or worse, feeding information to our Communist enemies.

Eventually, we submitted to the Communist ideology and began to re-frame anarchist and Communist movements as the Free Speech Movement, the Civil Rights Movement, and today, the Black Lives Matter and Anti-Fascist Movements. Some of these movements made it a point to hide their motive from the largely anti-Communist national discourse which served to obfuscate their true intentions and gain a pass from the populous. Others are very open with their Socialist, Communist, and Maoist intentions, yet the public has been beaten so bloody with these terminologies that they no longer accept the reality. 

The Baby Boomers who control our current state of media and academia were largely responsible for the proliferation of these anti-American movements, and the Millennials and Zoomers, living in a state of anemoia, perpetuate this in rhetoric and action.

We tend to throw around terminologies a lot; so much so that they begin to lose their true meaning. Because conservatives refer to any liberal agenda as “socialism” or any act of international commerce as “globalism,” we lose focus on the true enemy. Free trade and globalization of business are all positive things with negative sides. Free trade allows for American business to grow exponentially, and putting authoritarian limits on such action could weaken or destroy many companies. However, free trade can also damage a pro-American economy, and all too often we wind up giving up more for temporary financial gain than we get in return. Is the acquisition of cheap goods from China, and the loss of American jobs really worth a libertarian insistence on limitless free trade?

Globalization tends to prevent international conflict. Making business deals and opening McDonald’s restaurants in places like North Korea are the beginning of long-lasting peace deals that are beneficial for everyone. But there should be limits to the extent that American companies can move economically necessary manufacturing and production jobs into developing countries simply for a cheaper labor cost.

Communism and Globalism represent an existential threat to a sovereign nation. Gradually, we give up our autonomy to the means of production and development being universalized, despite being told that they would be nationalized. Alienating and enslaving our own people to a system that serves foreign and greedy local interests will continue to drive us apart and slowly kill our souls.

We must remain ever vigilant when it comes to the malevolent leftist (and Neo-Con) policy that is suffocating our economy, or job markets, and our families. That is not to say that all foreign interests, nor international corporations, are inherently evil, but if we remain passive and myopic about the friendly smiling faces of internationalism and globalism, we are doomed to the inevitable grave results.

"Americanism, not Globalism, will be

our credo. As long as we are led by

politicians who will not put America First, then we can be assured that other nations will not treat America with respect, the respect we deserve."

Donald J. Trump

This Neo-Marxist Globalist ideology has infected the entire Left.


Many are unaware of it, but most are supremely aware. They will lie and manipulate to ends that may be unclear to them in the moment; but the goal is unchecked and unequivocal power over the soul of our Nation. This is what we must fight against every day, even if it seems hopeless, and especially if it seems like we're winning.