The Constitution/Bill of Rights

We cannot stress enough that America’s sense of inalienable and God-given rights is a fleeting and ephemeral notion when we do nothing to stand up for those rights.


If we fail to make these so-called rights infallible and concrete, they cease to exist at all. There can not be any hesitation when it comes to what these rights mean and how they were intended. It is not up to us to interpret their modern implications, but to stand up for their Aristotelian purpose. Indeed, it is up to our Courts to interpret how these rights are contextualized and enforced, but it is up to the people to ensure that these rights are embedded into our National Psyche and never waver; and to make sure our Courts are held to account for how they preserve these “inalienable” principles.

We must not take these rights as granted, and we must constantly ensure that they are upheld in their original text and context. As in all aspects of our culture and society, we must uphold our history and natural order, or be at risk of the entire house of cards tumbling down.


Certain individual attacks on these principles may seem arbitrary on their own, however even the those aspects that may fall into a lesser category of concern (such as the removal of historic monuments or the flippant disrespect of our flag and anthem) have enormous impacts on the national a whole. The forces of the Left will continue to chip away at our foundation until there is no structure to stand upon. This is why we must always remain vigilant and steadfast in our preservation of American identity, even when accused of defending archaic or “problematic” institutions/individuals.

Make no mistake, it is the mission of the Left to pack the courts (including the Supreme Court) with activists, and squeeze all of the water possible out of our founding documents and Constitution so that there is no substance left. These freedoms that we hold most significant must either be defended or reconstructed to fit our needs before they are lost forever.

First Amendment


We must make a distinction between establishing a national religion and encouraging/favoring a national religion. There are countless belief systems, which run contrary to our American way of life, that we are told to tolerate and accept as equally valid in a “multicultural” nation. 

We believe it is acceptable to refuse such tolerance. We can hold our people, our faith, and our Western Christian/Catholic values paramount and not be compelled to take a knee to the proliferation of the Communist religion of Atheism, nor the enslaving religion of Islam. That is not to say that these belief systems should be prohibited, or that individuals with these belief systems are inherently incompatible with American values in totality; but they are being utilized and manipulated to insidious ends. We must invite and encourage everyone to embrace a principled platform of Christian values both to preserve our National Identity, and to provide the best possible outcomes for children of all backgrounds.

In terms of freedom of speech, press, assembly and government grievances, we’re experiencing an utter destruction of these principles in real time. Not only are voices on the Right being silenced, cancelled, or killed off by a seemingly unstoppable media/tech behemoth, but we have seen the use of “Emergency Powers” wielded for the sole purpose of shutting down certain types of assembly (namely business, worship, sacrament, and protesting the Leftist agenda).

There is practically no one, to any meaningful degree, actually fighting for and defending unpopular or political speech when it comes from the Right; and we edge closer every day to the point where the consequence of unpopular language will be punishable by fine or prison. Organizations such as the ACLU, a group that should exist for Free Speech as the NRA exists for Firearm Rights, have effectively become entirely politicized, advocating for the rights of the violent Bolshevist mobs over the non-violent rhetoric of those who are being penalized and deplatformed for so-called “hate speech,” or even speech that is declared false or misleading by social media “fact-checkers.”

If we are not absolutist in our free speech advocacy; if we are to be subservient to our media overlords who determine what is and isn’t deemed acceptable, then we should also be able to be flexible in what we deem is legal or appropriate in regard to these forms of expression. 

Just as “free speech” ends with those who encourage specified violence, or those who vandalize our homes and public spaces, perhaps “free speech” should also end with those who advocate harm to our country, our National values, and those who burn our American flag. It seems only fair that our personal safety is just as protected as our National safety and innocence. This would do well to shape our discourse toward ideas that build America up rather than those that break it apart.

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Second Amendment


Second only in numerical order, our 2nd Amendment is absolutely paramount in defending all others. And it may be the first in terms of “inalienable” rights that are the most publicly under siege. Even pro-2nd Amendment groups like the NRA tend to lose the plot when it comes to the purpose of this right to bear arms, claiming it exists for our personal defense and safety, when in reality it is much more significant than that.

The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to empower the people of this country to arm themselves to the degree and standard of militiamen in order to be a force of security for the Nation. Defending our homes and our families is a byproduct of this armament. The foundation is to procure the ability to adequately stock arms and munitions for the potential of waging war against a tyrannical government, or invading force. This ability to defend our country and our sovereign rights can only be taken away if we allow it to be. We are expected to take a submissive knee as violent mobs threaten our national security and a Globalist political movement attempts to strip the people, and any given militia, of our autonomy and fundamental rights.

The Second Amendment is paramount in the defense of a great Nation. And it enshrines our right to defend ourselves against the aggression of those who seek to trample on this right, and all others. It enables us to maintain order, even in the absence of all other rights.


The remaining Amendments in our Bill of Rights are concentrated around our legal system, the practices of the courts, the limits of law enforcement, and—of course—that ever-popular barrier on Americans being forced to house soldiers during peacetime. Despite these being some of the least-often discussed by the media of the “inalienable” rights put forth by our Constitution, they are the most ubiquitous. Unlike the First and Second Amendments, the following 8 are rarely vocally contested in the public square. To the extent that we ever discuss issues about illegal search and seizures, civil financial cases, or bearing witness against one’s self, they are typically in the context of law enforcement violating these rights, not a question of whether or not these rights should exist at all...

It is, however, very concerning that taking all of these federal law enforcement Amendments as positive and granted may actually be deteriorating our access to fair and speedy trials. More often than not, individuals are not granted these rights in a meaningful way. Suspects are forced into questionable plea deals rather than trials. And if someone is fortunate enough to argue their innocence or sentencing before a jury, the jury selection is not a collection of impartial peers, but ignorant reactionaries and obviously biased busybodies.

The judicial system is meant to be adversarial, but the new world order seems to utilize this system as punitive rather than potentially exculpatory. Even more commonly, individuals are expected to be judged and tried not by a jury of their peers, but by social media, mainstream media, and thoughtless mobs. All of which have pre-chosen the individuals who they seek to punish and will carry out socially constructed sentences that would far exceed any legal measures that could realistically be taken.

The rights that we expect to be granted by our Constitution are valuable, but we can no longer rely on them to be interpreted and enacted in a way that is favorable to the general public with equity and a blind eye. These Constitutional Rights are designed to protect the individual. They are not social constructs designed to be utilized and interpreted for political purposes.

Because the Constitution is limited to enshrining the rights of the individual, we feel it does little to live up to its intended purpose to restrict the power of the government, especially in times of war or arbitrarily-constructed “emergency.”


As we now know firsthand, all Constitutional liberties can be suspended whenever an executive politician sees fit. The only legal restriction for doing so—as suggested by the Supreme Court—is that the decision must be based on a clearly defined need. However, as we’ve seen, that “clearly defined need” is entirely political and can be manipulated at whim. 

Any rule and regulation not outlined by the Constitution can be enacted by the states. The state legislatures are irrelevant when Mayors and Governors can, on any whim, declare an “emergency.” When active Communists seek to control all legislatures and courts, there is no Republic left.


Democrats have explicitly expressed their authoritarian goals, and this Coronavirus experiment is a test to see how the public will respond. We’ve failed this experiment.


We have shown that we will be submissive and allow whatever violation is enacted upon us. There is nothing stopping the Democratic Party from extending these new “emergency” regulations indefinitely; nothing to stop them from kindly handing us back our rights, and stripping them away again whenever they see fit. Effectively, we no longer have inalienable rights. It’s over. Therefore, it is time to take control and use this to our advantage rather than to our detriment. 

If our so-called “rights” can be taken away to prevent the spread of a flu, they can become more restrictive to prevent “climate change” or “gun violence” or “racism.” As long as they can prove to the media (who is already firmly in their corner) that their intentions are benevolent, they will have all the power that they want.

Instead, we must declare a state of emergency on a Federal level for things like Immigration, Law & Order, National Identity, Autonomy, Job Creation. And just as Abraham Lincoln made one of the most controversial decisions in history, it is time that the Republican Party of the 21st Century made some controversial moves of its own—to take on the States that are now actively working against the country, and a media that has become the enemy of the people.

The Republican Party needs to respect the sovereignty of statehood, and our territories, however, as we decided at the onset of the Civil War, statehood depends on a cohesive identity and a mandate that they play by the rules. Those rules are created by a united people, and by a Federal Government that pledges to uphold what America represents. When our largest cities and states have fallen to a vile progressive agenda, lawlessness, and violent tribal mobs our Nation must take immediate action to prevent total collapse.

Our Nation depends on direct action at this time to prevent the inevitable result of what is surely an existential crisis. For our Rights to mean anything, they need to be taken back by any means necessary. 

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Amendment I, US Constitution