The Coronavirus Scheme

This is a test of our willpower. And we've failed.


If 2020 has offered us any type of universal guidance—a grave lesson to carry in our souls with moral certitude—it’s that ‘we the people,’ save for a ever-dwindling but vocal minority, will succumb to tyranny at any cost, no matter how imperative it may be to fight its nemesis head on.

It is our contention that the evidence suggests this Chinese-born viral outbreak was entirely containable and not dissimilar from any other novel outbreak that our nation has readily dealt with in our modern history. The precaution was warranted. The ongoing international shutdown is purposeful and malevolent.

While we are not—at this point—suggesting that the virus itself was some kind of elaborate international hoax perpetrated by the Chinese government in conjunction with their puppet(s) within the World Health Organization, we are vehemently insisting that the response to its spread has been a brazen disregard for our fundamental rights and autonomy in favor of heavy-handed government power and control.

COVID-19–that is to say, the abysmal and asinine response to the pandemic—has provided bad faith actors within the Federal Government, as well as the usual suspects of doctrinal globalist and Marxist philosophers within the state governments, a seemingly endless well of terror, blackmail, and unscrupulous scientific illiteracy to draw from.

The immoral and ultimately predictable behavior from this country’s political left wing in relation to the COVID-19 operation has resulted in a collapsed economy, the halting or destruction of private businesses and places of worship, and—perhaps most egregious—a targeted and systemic execution of the most vulnerable populous by herding sickly individuals from hospitals into nursing homes throughout the country.

These same politicians have been blatantly moving goal posts and extending their “emergency powers” from the onset of the “flatten the curve” myth to today’s “we need to wait for a vaccine” doctrine.


Meanwhile, they have succeeded in working the less intellectual among the American people into a fervor over the proper use of protective masks, advocating the case for continued lockdowns, and generating socially punitive measures for “rule breakers” that render the lack of enforcement meaningless.

We propose not only a swift and immediate end to lockdown regulations, but legal immunity to those businesses and places of worship that choose be open and operational to whatever extent the owners and staff deem appropriate.

We demand a full investigation and legal accountability for those politicians who utilized the pandemic panic to their own political ends, especially those who knowingly sent infected patients to spread the disease (and death) in vulnerable health care facilities; but also those who inflated numbers, and tossed undesirables into mass graves.

We demand a full investigation and legal accountability for medical professionals, hospital staff and hospital management for purposely and willfully misrepresenting the COVID infection rates, deaths and cases for financial or sociopolitical gains.

We believe that these measures are essential for our national recovery, both spiritual and economic. If we were to accept a reality where this dire plot against America is not brought to light, it would be detrimental to our cultural survival and implausible for our society to return to any semblance of normalcy.

The COVID Conclusion

So, what are we to make of all this? Aside from hypothetical models which have all been proven tremendously flawed, either by nature or hubris, all logical conclusions point to the notion that the actions we've taken to mediate the impact of this "pandemic" are more disastrous to our health, economy and overall well-being than if we had done nothing.

Regardless, there are incredible numbers of easily manipulated people luxuriating in the make-believe disaster LARP that is face coverings, lockdowns, curfews, and prohibition. 

All of these rules are arbitrary, not just on the surface (such as being allowed to eat outside, but not drink outside) but also scientifically. Meanwhile, the mostly-Democrat leaders who have put these ever-changing restrictions into place have done so with one goal in common: to prevent the 2020 Presidential Election from going forward as normal.

These restrictions were never intended to make sense, and they were never intended to be lifted. These are calculated power grabs, designed to keep the populous agitated and confused. Of course, half of the country just seems to except these decisions as noble and altruistic. But these people are mentally ill.

While the Media plays up the hilariously dubbed "Mask Debate" (say it three times fast), even more insidious actions are taken to bludgeon the common man into submission:

-Removal of nearly all arts, entertainment and sports giving the average American little to look forward to other than spending time with Family, but...

-Separation of families through quarantining and ridiculous rules dictating who we can and can not associate with. We are unable to have weddings, funerals, birthdays, or large gatherings, and yet...

-Mass movements of racial unrest, property destruction, violence, and Neo-Marxist ideology have flooded the streets. The stated goals of which have been to disband the police and subjugate White People. Because of this newfound fear of Black Terrorism (or whites acting on behalf of blacks), companies are bending over backward to appease this new ideology, bend a literal knee, or purchase billions of dollars worth of temporary indulgences, which becomes even worse because...

-Mass unemployment through closure of almost every major industry. Restaurants, stores, production chains, and more, have been disrupted or completely stalled. While these American companies hemorrhage finances, they're being forced to take up lawsuits against the government, insurance claims for property damage, and a complete loss of their employees due to redundancy or more optimal financial gain through Unemployment Compensation. Private citizens at least have the benefit of law enforcement, except...

-A complete castration of law enforcement and a degradation of our police force. While George Soros-appointed District Attorneys and cherry-picked Police Chiefs across the country have created a police force no longer capable of doing their jobs, Americans have decided that they would be solely responsible for defending themselves and their businesses. Unless...

-The 2nd Amendment & 1st Amendment have been rendered completely useless. Anyone caught voicing their opinion, speaking out, or protesting against these evil measures is silenced. Even as Doctors and Medical Experts come out of the proverbial closet to assert evidence to the contrary of what science popularizers are pushing, they are being dismissed as "deniers" and "quacks."

Anyone caught brandishing a firearm to ward off those who seek to do them harm is doxxed, stripped of their livelihoods and reputations, and ultimately criminalized with priority above the actual criminals. This backward upside-down reality will inevitably cause a healthy human mind to collapse from within.

Government and the private sector have joined forces to create a perfect storm of economic destruction, social suicide, and white flight all for the sake of temporary political gains and the psychologically manipulative practice of keeping a stagnant minority group enslaved as reliable consumers. The foot-soldiers of this operation are dopey "Shut Up & Wear a F*cking Mask" Democrats, myopic drug addict antisocial protesters, and minority populations who have historically put racial identity over National identity. 

All of this is at the expense of the silent majority (specifically "whitey"). The Coronavirus will be remembered as a cataclysmic year and one of the worst abuses of government power and propaganda in our modern history.