Democracy in 2020

"We are made to ask what it is that political democracy gives us. The system is utilitarian. But is it a fit object of faith and hope?"

-William F. Buckley Jr.

American Imperial Republicans stem from the Republican Party. We are representatives, members and allies respectively, however, we view modern American politics as a bastardization of what real Democracy should be. The America of today is a corrupted entity, influenced by a political mafia driven solely by power and financial gain, the Dunning-Krueger effect of an intellectually obese population, and the disingenuous nature of the so-called Free Press.


A Nation of which lays its foundation on the love of money and the sanctification of a gullible ship of fools will stagger and stumble to its inevitable grave. This is what we must work to prevent.

Across the globe, so-called “democracies” seem to be having trouble sustaining a democratic system. It seems that these days "democracy" is only seen to have "worked" if the results end up how the powers that be have pre-determined. Otherwise, it has been corrupted by outside forces, or the system is racist or unfair, in need of complete overhaul. It should be transparent that the system is invaluable when Democrats win, and vestigial when they lose.

We’ve become accustomed to politicians not delivering on their promises; vowing to curb mass immigration and managing to satiate with half measures and compromise, or doing nothing at all. Republicans have dropped the ball when it comes to standing up for American values. They are no longer socially conservative, no longer willing to stick their necks out to preserve our Nation, and no longer willing to put America first. 


Trumpism has been somewhat of a blessing, but surely only scratches the surface of how our country should be developing.

The new normal is represented by situations like BREXIT, a cut-and-dry majority referendum which the UK voted on and will likely never truly go into effect.

Indeed, only in a Nation of hapless drones and brazen opportunists would we have the multitude of issues we face today. Are we long past the days in which great Americans would openly discuss and advocate for their chosen political views without resorting to violence? The achievements of those who laid the groundwork for what we presently enjoy have been replaced by a cacophony of bad faith actors, malevolent “Cancel Culture,” and the overuse of Neo-Marxist buzzwords purposely constructed to erase any kind of reasonable debate.


What kind of men would we be to sacrifice all autonomy and freedom of expression for fear of being called “racist,” or perhaps worse: apathetic? We will not accept this narrative any longer. It is imperative that we break free of the constricting chokehold of Bolshevik Academics whose stated goal is to eliminate our Nation, our History, our Sovereignty, our Culture, and, yes, Whiteness. It is our duty to fight back.

When we take into account that we are currently entangled in a cultural dynamic where the two opposing populist factions can essentially be boiled down to those who want to observe and retain America’s values and identity versus those who seek to fundamentally erase America’s values and identity, it begs the question: Does “democracy” continue to be a viable system?

“Elections belong to the people. It's their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.”

-Abraham Lincoln


"A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine."

-Thomas Jefferson

The answer is just as challenging as the question. The systems that our founding architects put into place, paired with the various wars, movements and reformations throughout history, offer a pretty solid construct for the people of our country to solve our own issues without dismantling the foundation altogether. 

On the other hand, it is far less credible that meaningful checks and balances can exist when our political representatives are all bad faith actors. It is currently unclear that we are free to express unpopular ideas and faith, that we have the right to defend our homes and communities, when people have their lives destroyed or face legal action for expressing those freedoms. It is contradictory to the current mainstream media and populist narrative that we just want to "bring people together," when literally every 21st Century construct is meant to push people ideologically and racially apart.

We should not have to cease to be a Republic, even if it should mean limiting the extent to which (what we call) a democracy operates. However, if we are to understand the right to vote as an extension of our right to free speech, it would seem to be a mistake to further limit such a right.


Rather, the change to our system should come in the form of who is qualified to represent the people, and what ideas for our country fall within proper discourse. Taxes, health care, environmental regulations, legal matters, and war all seem to fall within a wide range of topics suitable for reasonable intellectual discourse. The fundamentals of what our country is, represents, and values should never be put into question by viable political parties or candidates, regardless of populist argument, riot or protest.

In this regard, it is perhaps even more important for America to remain uniquely American than it is for Japan to remain uniquely Japanese. America is the springboard by which all other Westernized countries have leapt bravely into the pool of freedom. If America collapses to third world tribalism and Bolshevism, so does the rest of the world.

Imagine, for example, a scenario wherein millions of American migrants from Honduras or Somalia decide to form a political party (or reform the Democratic Party) that proposes America should have a much closer resemblance to Honduran or Somalian Culture. Surely they would be free to hold this viewpoint personally, but it should never be raised to the level of legitimate political debate.


After all, there already exists both a Honduras and a Somalia, and both nations would certainly be glad to have those citizens fighting for the betterment of those countries.


There is only one America, and with ridiculous ideas such as these taking a foothold, there may one day be no America left at all.

It remains our hope that institutions such as popular voting, the Electoral College, and various essential aspects of our "democracy" will not need to be fundamentally altered. But to ensure this outcome, all of the surrounding changes we discuss must necessarily be put into place (i.e. Strengthening of law and order, education and immigration reform, a rejuvenated focus on family, faith and personal responsibility, and a complete admonishing of Neo-Marxist political currency, among others).

This is the most equitable way to prevent the collapse, and protect what we love. The most desirable path forward to ensure a stable Union and a equitable Republic is to reshape political discourse while taking American exceptionalism as a given. Many believe this is implausible considering where we find ourselves today...

"F*ck The

Lincoln Project."

If we cannot reach that cultural understanding, then the only logical conclusion would be to end democracy, that is to say, end voting as we know it, in favor of those who will stand up for America first and America foremost.