A New Education System

Our Education System is failing our children; or at very least, doing them a tremendous disservice.


By the time of college graduation—a life event that has sadly become ubiquitous—any semblance of critical thinking skills or the ability to view an issue dispassionately has been stripped from the mind of the fledgling adult. 

We have undeniably witnessed the plight of those young people who choose to be skeptical or anti-authoritarian. They are quickly shunned, de-platformed, fired, and quickly face financial ruin. No functioning society can survive this way. That is, unless our goal is to cause fundamental dysfunction in the individual, strip man of his humanity, and value only the collective mind; a hill of ants serving only the Queen. This Nineteen Eighty-Four mentality has permeated our academic reality to the point where hyperbole and exaggeration fail to scratch the surface.

The education system has replaced “re-education” with “pre-education,” setting up children from a young age to not just buy into the concept that 2+2=5, but more insidiously, that 2+2 is a racist social construct that is relevant only to the oppressive white imperialist and his boot-licking cronies. Reality is no longer significant. In fact, “reality” is whatever the Bolshevist Academic wills it to be. In fact, “reality” is inherently oppressive and therefore irrelevant. 

As a result of decades of Socialist propaganda and "Critical Race Theory" continuously fed into the brains of our students, we now face a portion of the population who view any kind of opposition to their beliefs as “violence.” They panic, and often lash out violently—which would be understandable if they were facing actual violence. Due to a failure of our academic establishment, we are facing multiple generations who lack any historical context surrounding the issues they supposedly feel so strongly about, and who view anything other than “the next step forward” or “the right side of history” as a detriment.

The cause of these issues is layered, but not uncomplicated. The solutions are relatively straightforward, although there is a limitless army made up of politicians, social justice community organizers, a merry band of useless teachers, and perhaps most significantly, the parents and community members who fail to realize that the same system is to blame for why they can’t express themselves rationally. All of these groups stand firmly in the warpath with their crossed-eyed fixed on the extermination of the natural order.

We believe there is an alternative to ensnaring our children in these glorified prisons; schools that fail to even come close to the national acceptable average when it comes to literacy and mathematics. The solution is one of two possibilities.


"Paranoia is the feeling that you're being threatened in some way, such as people watching you or acting against you, even though there's no proof that it's true...Even when you know that your concerns aren't based in reality."


First, we could eliminate government education and privatize the whole kit and caboodle; or at least minimize the footprint government has in the education system. Privatization would create incentive for success. Schools would be held accountable and decisive action would be taken to solve discipline or educational issues as they arise. 

If that seems too reasonable for you, we also have Option B.

Option B is more difficult, as it involves changing a lot of hearts and minds; however, if you put the education system in the hands of the government, then you must take what the government has to offer. Fortunately, our government system would almost certainly create a more optimal offering and a more favorable outcome in failing schools across the country.

Our school system would do away with academic free-passes like No Child Left Behind. We would also advocate bringing back a version of Zero Tolerance disciplinary policy with appropriate parameters and behavioral assessments rather than literally having "zero tolerance" for any youthful high jinks. 

We would eliminate Teachers’ Unions and assign a special advocacy group to handle the legal and financial disputes of educators. Teachers would be paid according to the standard of the area they’re teaching/living in, and according to their success rate. There would be good schools and bad schools, purposely designated as such. Behavioral Experts would be assigned (perhaps alongside Law Enforcement Officers) to deal with serially problematic young people accordingly while not allowing them to drag down the rest of the scholastic population.

Schools which are under-performing in general education curricula would be stripped down to basics. We would not eliminate arts and leisure, but use these as tools to facilitate general education as much as possible. There is no reason for schools performing below the intellectual poverty line to continue introducing more liberal arts and play-sciences simply to keep up "progressive" appearances. The make-believe aesthetics can be placed solely in the leisure department.

In addition to a sturdy academic curriculum, focusing on basics for the under-performers and experimental programs for the over-performers, we would introduce a culture of respect for our Nation, our culture, and our communities. Parents and caregivers will be expected to take a vested interest in their child’s performance, and the demeanor of the children would be a testament to that hard work. When a developing child is given a well-rounded idea of their stake in this country and how they can be a productive member of society, rather than a dystopian vision of their futures and a dark hate-fueled interpretation of their Nation’s past, he will be far less likely to lash out with ignorant antisocial behavior.

The purpose of our education system is not to provide surrogate parents. Teachers are not caretakers. From Pre-K to institutes of higher learning, we must drill into the minds of the bumptious educator that their job is solely to educate, and as "professional educators" their job is to assess the specific targets and methods of that education. That's it.


The same goes for the school administration. Their position is to facilitate the educators. Their job is not to provide children with three steady meals per day, but to provide a structure that includes a scheduled meal time; one meal, lunch. Their job is not to indoctrinate our children, but to facilitate their socialization. The only reason we haven't replaced every sententious, self-righteous teacher with an iPad is that we value human input in our children's socialization. However, if the only role these overpaid unctuous Marxists choose to play is subtly turning our children into sexual deviants, we could easily do without them.

We must return childcare to the parents, and toss aside teachers who continue to express the delusion that they are just as significant. We must hold parents and guardians accountable for the raising, feeding, and domestic/developmental support of their children. That is not to say that teachers can never be assigned to assist in the development of a child whose parents have forsaken their invaluable vocation. But this should not be the norm.

Furthermore, when it comes to educating and indoctrinating our children and young people, social media and the established mainstream media are part and parcel of this issue. Guiding principles and educational standards are popularized, polarized and metamorphosized by an increasingly Anti-American cacophony of bad faith actors in media. Our teachers, paired with our "educators" within Hollywood, Social Media and Television, have become tools in a campaign of misinformation, bent on raising generation after generation to hate America, view our Western Empire as corrosive, evil and hateful, and to assert that the only path forward is to tear down our Republic as we know it. The education system has been manipulated, ultimately, to convince our children that they must rid themselves of the shackles of individualism and even gender identity.

The enemy needs these tools of indoctrination to work in their favor. A hive-minded populous with no individualistic or communal values will be easier to manipulate, and more likely to be shameless in endorsing full government reliance.

The education system is one of many avenues that the Democrat Mafia has championed for their money laundering purposes. They drill down on the importance of these failing institutions which somehow get objectively worse as the financial input grows larger. Public schools--mainly in the inner cities and other Democrat-controlled areas--are a shell organization used for donations, financial favors, and transferring funds from hand to hand; not unlike the Art Trade, Public Housing, and almost any other 'public service' deemed "indispensable" by the corrupt demagogues in the DNC.