Race & Identity Movements

The Neo-Marxist identitarian movements that currently rule our political discourse all spawn from the same generic cesspool; a timeless leftist agenda designed to disorient and disrupt normal healthy civilization, leaving people confused, scared and powerless.


We reject deviance and socially corrosive behavior in all its forms. The Left has reshaped our language, our conversation, and the lens through which we observe the world.


For example, a simple Google search would suggest to you that "identitarianism" is a "far-right wing concept based on white European superiority" with no mention of Black Lives Matter or other quasi-religious movements who demonize hetero-normative white individuals, openly advocating for their social, or literal, genocide. More boldly, they've changed the definition of racism from "an ideological belief that one's race is superior to another" to, "Any system or individual white person tied to Western Culture by History or Heritage."


It has become verboten for White Americans to openly celebrate their culture and history, or to take any pride in the creation of the civilized Western world without self-flagellation and penitent wrist-cutting.


We don't ask for much as a community, and we want for very little. However, for reasons that should be obvious when we understand that the goal of these identitarian groups is to bleed civilized society dry, white people are expected to kneel at the altar of race, gender, and sexuality-driven identity politics. Whites are deemed unworthy of any lifestyle preference, societal normalization, or expectation for a higher standard of living.

The Left needs people (of every race) to accept a complete downgrade of humanity. They need us to accept the lowest possible standard of living, because--in truth--that is all they are ever able to provide.


We refuse to accept this "new normal." We will not capitulate, we will not bend a knee. We will not honor their flags; and we will turn a deaf ear to their turgid rhetoric.

Everything you always wanted to know about what the Black Academic Marxists think about White People (but were afraid to ask)

This infographic comes to us courtesy of NMAAHC (https://nmaahc.si.edu/).

Apparently they see these aspects of "Whiteness" as a societal negative...