As a Nation, we have a long history of advocating social responsibility through various measures; our mixture of cultures brought with them common values, common goals, a common faith in our communities and in God.

The societal path we find ourselves on today leads only to existential crisis, and those pushing us to the edge have made no secret of their goal: total destruction.

It has been the globalist insistence on the importance of “tolerating” views and behaviors that run antithetical to our instinctive communal values which has become our undoing.

It is up to us to pull this tangled mess back together again.


We believe it is long overdue that this country return to identifying and weeding out impropriety, preternatural deviance and (perhaps most importantly) organized attempts to undermine and decimate a cohesive sense of common bonds and values.

The solutions to these issues are as vast and complex as the issues themselves; however, the first action must be to clearly define who we are as a society and what we expect from one another, going forward. We must venerate family values, faith-based cohesion, pragmatic ingenuity, and upward mobility through meritocracy. 

Obstructive and criminal behavior need to be addressed accordingly, and the perpetrators of which must be seen as victimizers rather than victims.

The cultural conversation must be shifted away from analyzing and creating social justice excuses for bad behavior and toward appropriately rewarding the good.

The benefits allocated to those who reform themselves or continue productive social behavior must vastly outweigh the consolations provided to those who break social trust, nurse at the teat of the taxpayer, or live disproportionately beyond their means knowing that some all-powerful government safety net will catch them when they inevitably fall from their balance beam.

That is not to say that we are against welfare, in its most benevolent form; although the return to social cohesion and homogeneous communities will certainly provide a welcome "safety net" for those who need to be cared for, as they have done through all of Western Civilization.


Through faith and compassion for our fellow American citizens, and with shared values, we will be far more willing to pick up the fallen, shelter our loved ones, police our antisocial element, and exile the undesirables for the betterment and preservation of our posterity.

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