Justitia in the Age of Discordia

A Nation of Laws

American Imperial Republicans believe in law and order. We support our police,   and also believe that top-down police reform is necessary to uphold such order. We  acknowledge that more funding should be allocated to our police departments and that a more militarized force may be essential to combat modern criminals. 

In the past, our police did not need to be heavily armed or trained to maintain law and order. This was thanks, in part, to the homogeneity and social cohesion of American values and a shared American experience. 

When everyone is “on the same page” in terms of communal morality and a conscious desire to keep peace, there is greater unity among the populace.

We see such behavior, not surprisingly, in Eastern Nations like Japan and South Korea, who have utilized Western values and traditions to maintain their own sense of order. 

However, in the last several decades, our social cohesion has been eroded. Respect for elders, community leaders, faithful clergy, and police has drastically waned, and a culture of anti-authority has reached a boiling point in many of our most crime-ridden communities.
A Nation of pragmatic, well-informed citizens would not shy away from difficult conversations such as those surrounding racial demographics and crime, yet we do not presently have such a Nation

Our current society would rather cater to heated emotion while censoring  evidence that multiculturalism causes ongoing harm to our communities. The powers-that-be fear such evidence might lead to a negative racial bias, and downplay the tangible danger every day Americans face, believing that an acknowledgement of such a reality would generate a state of “racist” policy-making. Meanwhile they seem quite content at present to inflame racial hatred against whites masquerading as "social and racial justice," creating enigmatic antisocial groups like the LGBT-run Black Lives Matter, the Academic Elite-run AntiFa, and the Obama-run Organizing For Action (OFA).

Such groups, and their political allies, must be decimated for our Nation to heal. Groups who despise this country should not be permitted to create its rules. These individuals must adapt to the acceptable norms of society or be escorted elsewhere.

This isn't to say that behavior or actions that fail to meet our moral approval should necessarily be met with punitive measures, but that those behaviors should not be encouraged or promoted by a state that values its own survival. We can not wipe out crime or antisocial behavior. We wish that were the case. But it can be mitigated.

A Nation that is afraid to have difficult conversations will not survive. In the wake of this lack of honest dialogue, criminal agitators are well-equipped to exploit encounters with police to their own ends. 

Cries of “I can’t breathe” have become commonplace among criminals and those succeeding in their goal to shape the criminal justice narrative. Viral videos of individuals resisting arrest have become more prevalent, despite the implementation of police body cameras and other actions taken to curb them. We’ve seen random acts of bloodthirsty violence against our police, media, and innocent civilians  increase.

It is for these reasons the following changes, at very least, must be installed to curb and contain the current situation:

  • An increased budget for Police Departments, with the directive in place that action must be taken to clean up the streets and prosecute accordingly. This includes greater body armor, more advanced weaponry and tactics, and a no-nonsense disposition when dealing with high crime areas.


  • Review and remove all corrupt DA’s and Chiefs, especially those who allow rioters, drug addicts, dangerous vagrants, and violent felons free-reign over our neighborhoods.


  • Lengthier, more intense training, fitness requirements, and advanced tactics for de-escalation (these tactics can not, and should not, be universally applied, but utilized when the situation does not call for immediate force or self-preservation).


  • Greater involvement and immediate use of incapacitating agents, whether they be knockout gases, stun guns, localized EMPs, or the ability to assume control of the criminals’ vehicle. An increase in safe and reliable measures to cut down on violent/unstable individuals resisting arrest, or causing harm to officers, will create fewer perceived examples of racial disparity during police encounters.

  • Greater accountability for police, coupled with greater systematic use of tools such as cameras and drones. This will help protect both law enforcement and suspects from liability. With the introduction of body cameras, police forces have been able to corroborate their accounts and not be mired in false accusations. There should be practically zero situation in which a law enforcement officer serving his legal purpose in the line of duty should be facing criminal charges.

  • Dissolve or create adequate oversight for Police Unions so that officers and their superiors can be properly evaluated and relieved of their duty if necessary. Adjust law enforcement salary appropriately to compensate them for their spectrum of risk and allow competent department representatives to negotiate on their behalf.

Some of these changes may sound extreme, however, we must appreciate the current climate we are dealing with and approach this with open minds. Our streets are no longer safe. Crime is rampant, rising, and in many cases swept under the rug to keep up appearances for a government that has abandoned its duty to its citizens!

Greater disdain for police, stemming from our political and media classes, will only lead to an increase in law enforcement deaths and enable criminality. In addition to this corrosive cocktail of deviance and desecration, law enforcement leaders have created new and unusual directives of anti-prosecution, favoring the criminal and endangering law-abiding citizens. 

Citizens in a First World country should not have to keep their heads on a swivel for fear they may be robbed, raped, or murdered. A Nation as advanced as ours should have no issue removing criminals, by any means necessary, to keep its citizens safe.

Greater authority, less fear. Greater power, greater prosperity. We must put the safety and protection of our communities first. We must also return to the people the God-given right to self-preservation and the ability to defend themselves when law enforcement is unable, or unwilling.

A Return to Order

American Imperial Republicans recognize that the old guard of The Republican Party are unable and increasingly unwilling to properly handle the current wave of Socialist/Neo-Marxist insurgency sweeping our Nation.


They refuse (or are unable) to maintain law and order by any means necessary and are silent when law-abiding citizens are prosecuted for defending themselves against this system of socially organized crime.


They have allowed cells of radical agitators to operate with complete impunity, and, like the proverbial octopus, they have been given free-reign to extend their tentacles into institutions across the country – most notably within the ranks of higher education.


For over a decade, our alarms have fallen on deaf ears, and all the while we have been censored, de-platformed, or otherwise silenced for acknowledging the threat to our Nation’s security that this insidious presence represents.


As the enemy breached our walls, our politicians cowered; oftentimes literally bending a knee to the mob out of fear.

While the Democratic Party offers vocal or tangential support to this modern Bolshevist movement, the Republican Party has made little-to-no effort to adequately curb the insurrection.

This is unacceptable.

American Imperial Republicans seek to uplift strong, no-nonsense leaders to expose and replace the weakness of our current Party. Our hate-fueled detractors  offer incessant mockery and animosity toward the notions of American imperialism and exceptionalism.


To varying degrees, these enemies of the people seek to burn down our Nation, with the intent but no direction, to rebuild it in their image.

We believe it is time that, as our country’s only remaining viable Political Party, we must begin acting in accordance with the consensus of old, in which such insurrections against the values and survival of a nation, were neither tolerated nor celebrated.

The modern Bolshevist may look different, but their tactics are the same. They have gone beyond shutting down our roadways with arrogant protests. They have disrupted our very way of life, destroying property and civilized society in their wake. There is no longer any line between criminals, terrorists and neo-Marxist agitator.

All must be equally held to account. Order must be established.

"American Imperial Republicans seek to uplift strong, no-nonsense leaders to expose and replace the weakness of our current Party."