Mainstream Media: Enemy of the People

Image by Liza Pooor

As the late, great, Andrew Breitbart eloquently said, “Politics runs downstream of culture.” This is a huge statement, and it’s important for everyone to remember. Change doesn’t just happen overnight. It is a long and multifaceted war, utilizing forces on every battlefield.

The battlefields of warfare were once considered to be land, sea and air (and space?). Now those grounds have changed to social media, entertainment and news. Even the smallest of cultural elements, repeated and cycled through the collective psyche can cause fundamental change in the way we assess and judge the world around us.

For better or worse, social media has become a large part of our lives. Social media is where we share ideas, comment on politics and media, and share photos and videos that accurately (and often inaccurately) create a fleeting time capsule of our stories and experiences. Social media as a tool of communication was promised to us to be open, moderately censored and policed, and fairly curated based on who we choose to follow and engage with. This dynamic has fundamentally changed.


Currently, social media companies are permitted to remain free from damages and liability as both publishers and content providers. They allow for atrocities to be committed over their platforms while censoring the speech of those with whom they disagree politically.

Many on the left and right argue that “private companies can do whatever they want.” But this isn’t so. We have a Constitution that preserves our free speech, laws that prevent unfair and arbitrary discrimination practices, and precedent that prevents these companies from providing service platforms while moderating speech and publishing their own biased content. Our mainstream social media platforms flaunt these rules to their own political end.

Meanwhile, our corporate media, television, film and streaming services are doubling down on a progressive and left-leaning agenda that serves to either satiate our pragmatic values, or strip those American values from the individual completely. We invest greatly in our news media and entertainment, both emotionally and intellectually. We’ve entrusted these people with our children, and took for granted that their intentions were benevolent, informative, and passive. But this isn’t the case. Their job has become singular in scope; to dictate and manipulate the way we see the world, psychologically guiding us by the nose toward a destructive and divisive political agenda; and most don’t seem to notice.

The people must not only reject these malevolent immoral narratives, but stand up against them.