Today, all of the binding community characteristics of Roxborough (family, tradition, heritage) are under attack, or have been demolished entirely. The Republican Party in Philadelphia needs to take immediate action. American Imperial Republicans seek to awaken the sleeping GOP and embolden the members of our community who want to prevent the collapse, and protect what we love.



The Republican Party in Philadelphia, as it currently stands, is set up to fail. They have conceded our city to Democratic rule in perpetuity, and have no plan or intention to make a serious run on the goal.


Make no mistake, it was not the Democrats who won the re-election of Jim Kenney, nor the Socialist seats on City Council, it was the Republicans who lost them; and lost them, dutifully. They actively distanced themselves from populist candidates, invested no time or energy into marketing or campaigning, and turned a blind eye to rising Democrat and Bolshevist (as if there's a difference anymore) uprising.


The Republican Party has made the grave decision to "play it safe," and in many instances, "take a knee," groveling and capitulating to the radical Left hoping to reach some kind of new compromise. They hold out hope that maybe sometime in the next 25 years the Communists might just  allow them to gain a proverbial pity-f*ck in the form of a guaranteed City Council seat.


Local Republicans are running on fumes, allowing soft-spoken moderates, libertarians, and RINOs steer the ship, despite our city--and nation--crying out for a hard-line right wing populist movement.


We can no longer abide this race toward moderation characterized by risk averse pearl-clutching, hand-wringing, and Neo-Con dogma. No more half-measures. We will not meet in the middle.


There is no mutual understanding we can reach with those who want to destroy our communities and create an existential danger in our formerly peaceful streets.


The answer is not to throw in the towel and form our own party; these are the myopic fantasies of children. We need to return the Republican Party to form; make the party great again, establish a strong and unified American Right, and demand what is necessary for our survival and our posterity.


These are extreme times; however, we don’t need extreme measures to accomplish our goals. In fact, we only need to remember our past, and use this to shape our future.


It is imperative that we, as individuals, invest our time back into our communities, and our finances into our local businesses. We must re-establish the significance of our few remaining parishes; acknowledging our Germanic, Irish, Italian, and Polish roots, while embracing the values that made us who we are today.


There is a real-world consequence to abandoning our heritage and history while simultaneously abandoning our faith in God. While it is not mandatory that our movement be made up of Christian (more specifically, Roman Catholic) fundamentalists and apologists, it must be understood that this is our foundation.


There is no today without yesterday, and there is no Roxborough without a strong sense of Catholic values. We are not a religious movement, our leaders are not 'clerical' in nature; however, we do believe a guiding Christian 'Force' necessitates everything we stand for.


The business structure and economy of our growing neighborhood must not be taken for granted. Our hands have been forced, now more than ever, by this manufactured pandemic crisis, to vote on our neighborhood’s long-term economics with our wallets.

It has become our prerogative to choose which businesses are essential to our neighborhood. This includes those which have been forced into indeterminate closure. When we fight our way out of this oppressive Democratic regime, what will remain?


Unfortunately, these are the decisions we must make as a community. Local businesses that have shaped both our lives and the community must be held at a higher tier than those which sprung up overnight.


Businesses like Bob’s Diner, Marchiano’s, C&C Creamery, and many other formative cheesesteak-eating and pint-sharing institutions must remain. They can only remain with our full support.


In addition, we must encourage these viable and essential businesses to re-open in defiance of the malevolent regulations placed upon them. We must support them both financially and physically.


Our community's survival depends on these actions being taken. Anything less will result in blight and/or an economic takeover that will assuredly strip our neighborhood of its identity and exceptionalism.


The irrational response to COVID-19 the most existential crisis we face today. We must, as always, keep our most vulnerable neighbors safe; but we must not be ruled by incessant regulation. The reaction to this virus has become harmful than the virus itself. We must fight back against government incompetence and those who fancy themselves deputized tattletales. Business and school must re-open. The arbitrary—and psychologically damaging—mask policing must end now.


The most significant, beautiful and invaluable aspect of our community has always been the Wissahickon Creek and Valley Green. This staple defines Roxborough, our legacy, and what generations have fought tirelessly to preserve for us to enjoy.


Within recent years, this secluded wooded trail has come under attack by malicious demographics traveling many miles, seemingly, for the sole purpose of laying claim to fresh new grounds to contaminate and destroy.


Outside groups have chosen these grounds to for mass gatherings, leaving unprecedented levels of trash and hazardous materials in their wake.


Our leaders’ half-hearted plan to curb this desecration have included such things as sullying the natural visage with “No Littering” signs, which should be redundant information for any civilized human population.


Rather than resign ourselves to a community of subjugated sanitation workers, we must conserve these grounds by taking preventative measures by any means necessary.


We must create an effective enforcement brigade and demand access to picnic grounds be permitted only with paid admission. 


If we do not take immediate measures to protect and secure this land, it will be lost forever.


Many of us are old enough to remember Roxborough's rich history of long-lasting traditions. Believe it or not, we actually used to come together for things other than modern art gazing and leftist folk music jamborees, and still manage to get drunk and have a good time.

It is our goal to bring back a legacy of Summertime traditions such as the International Bike Race and Downhill Derby. In addition, we hope to establish new traditions that we can share with our family and friends for many years to come. 


Roxborough currently maintains a loose ‘Neighborhood Watch’ program of volunteers, well-meaning individuals, and concerned citizens attentively listening to police scanners (when they’re functional). But unless we can rely on the fortitude of a reformed police department, we must be ready take matters of security into our own hands.


A new well-organized and legitimate Neighborhood Watch militia would be essential to both aid the police, and step up to the plate when the police are unwilling, or unable, to do their job.


This collective of carefully selected armed, or unarmed, citizens may closely resemble organizations like the Guardian Angels, so while we cannot place upon them the same responsibility and oversight that we place upon law enforcement, it would be their prerogative to keep a protective eye out for crime and suspicious activity in our community.


In addition, we must enable our citizens to keep their own homes and property secure by whatever practical means they deem necessary without fear, shame, or criminal prosecution. These measures are desirable with, or without, the reformed law enforcement implications described below. Ideally we would prefer a strong sense of safety and order in our community without being forced to take measures into our own hands.


Unfortunately, our community may be in more immediate need for our police than ever before. Crime throughout the city of Philadelphia is reaching proportions that we haven’t seen for almost 30 years, and it is spreading like cancer. While our naive and idealistic neighbors worship at the altar of progressive social justice politics, we all suffer under a growing criminal demographic spilling over from our close-by urban dystopia.

District Attorney Larry Krasner, installed by George Soros’ socialist cabal, is an insidious force, crippling all sense of police autonomy. We must not defund the police, but enable them to appropriately do their jobs.


We must hold our police to a reasonable standard of community service, but also acknowledge the unruly antisocial violence they are up against.


The top-tier powers-that-be specifically designed to limit and cannibalize police efficiency must be removed. Law enforcement and prosecution must be systemically upgraded to protect and serve, rather than simply observe and report to no avail.


While we remain hopeful that this degenerative and ineffectual regime that currently occupies our sociopolitical atmosphere will soon be a relic of the past, we must weigh our options for independence from its vicious claws.


While succession from the city of Philadelphia's school and government services is a lofty, and perhaps less-than-ideal goal, it must be discussed in an honest fashion, lest we surrender ourselves to subservience to ongoing political persecution. It may be a last ditch option to allow Roxborough, Andorra, Manayunk, and Wissahickon to be absorbed into Montgomery County.


No longer can we entrust our survival and well-being to representatives who happily collect our exponentially growing tax dollars without any concern for our general upkeep.


Our trash must be collected, our community policed, our sewer system maintained, our snow plowed, and our streets cleared of urban decay. If we cannot rely on our government to take these measures, we must begin to consider privatizing these jobs within our community, or entrust them to another county's public servants.


Many communities struggle with drugs, homelessness, and addiction. Our Christian values dictate that we must deal with these situations with love and charity. It is not, however, loving, nor charitable, to proliferate these issues with the methods our progressive neighbors/globalist transplants suggest.


Dangerous drug addicts must not be permitted to run roughshod through our neighborhood with impunity.


The proposed “safe injection sites” must not be allowed to go forward. We must demand that law enforcement take reports of dangerous or disturbing individuals seriously.


A line must be drawn in the sand. We either force these individuals into productive treatment, or we remove them entirely from our streets. These are the only options for a safe and poison-free environment.


The issues that our community faces in terms of rampant unchecked development are certainly a point of contention. There are many different arguments to put forth when it comes to how development, more specifically “over-development,” impacts various neighborhood systems; however, our argument is this: we must continue to make our neighborhood an attractive commodity, but a decidedly insular one.


What do we mean by this? We must propose a neighborhood aesthetic that is value-driven and binding, perhaps even to the extent we create block committees and homeowners' associations.


Apartments and affordable housing are essential to any community, but we can not be defined by government dwellings, transplants and short-term renters. Roxborough must build and maintain permanent housing, while encouraging desirable renters to remain invested in our community.


As our neighborhood's condition deteriorates, many long-term residents are forced to flee, whether it be to start families, or to rid themselves of the ongoing societal decay. We must be vigilant in restoring our community’s values, safety, and comfort.


Of course, we must also be vigilant against over-development, overburdening our streets with mass-housing, and inviting in demographic elements that are more likely than not to lead to a blighted system.


The high school that once supported and built the futures of many in our community must be shut down and reformed. It would be a great tragedy to re-purpose this structure into apartments or some other generic use, but as it currently stands, Roxborough High School is incompatible with a neighborhood that prides itself on safety and stability.


We have allowed a once proud institution to deteriorate into a temporary holding cell for those who would devalue and denigrate everything we hope to build. Now is the time for our community, and those invested in our community, to demand a change for the school; to return it to a standard that fits our societal ideals. Just as we would not accept a Fire Department that caused house fires, we must not accept an educational institution that spawns both abysmal academic results and rampant criminal activity.

Overall, the Philadelphia Education System is doing our children a great disservice, but so long as the rising property taxes and upward mobility of Roxborough's population makes up a high percentage of the funding for these scholastic train-wrecks, we should have some say in how they are managed.


Of course, there are potentially a handful of politicians in the Philadelphia Republican Party who have a higher-than-room-temperature IQ and pragmatic Christian values who we can proudly stand behind. There are even some individuals currently running for office in Roxborough who we genuinely like and admire. We encourage those who believe in taking meaningful action to save our neighborhood, our city, our state, and our Nation to step out of the shadows and join our cause.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man.


We acknowledge that the Bolshevist Cancel Culture and destruction of our right to freely speak, assemble and associate are enormous causes for concern when it comes to your job, family and well-being. In this turbulent time, your anonymity can be a sacred thing; but we must not live in fear. There are many things you can do to help, anonymous or publicly.

First, you can get involved in the Republican Party. We are notoriously lacking in volunteers, street team, promotions and red-pilled Zoomers. We realize that the common "wisdom" among the supposedly woke free-thinkers is that "both parties suck." But this does not have to be the case. Change needs to come from within. Join us and help reform the party from within. Make an impact in our community.

Secondly, you could lend your talents, skills and businesses to the cause. If you are an attorney, volunteer to help represent businesses who flaunt the lockdown rules, or Republicans who incur the wrath of the DA's office. If you are a graphic designer, writer, or organizer, volunteer to help promote our cause and the causes of those running for public office.

And last but not least, if you are a Republican business owner, and you feel it would help your growth--especially in difficult times--to join a network of other Republican-owned businesses, reach out to us. We have created what we call AIR Mall, which we hope will be a collective of local and national businesses, who share our concerns and goals, that we can give support and share with pride.


As proud American populists and right wing retrogrades*, we must fully embrace our path forward. The modern Republican Party seems to broadly range from those who simply want to save their seat, even if it means never getting up to dance or show and sign of those who vehemently stand for archaic libertarian ideals that will be stripped from their corpses after the torch mobs reduce our civilization to ashes.




Our message is simple and can be broken down to the credo:

Prevent the collapse. Protect what we Love. We firmly believe in

putting America first; and by that ideal, we must first preserve

our community, our natural resources, our families, our values,

our history, and our faith.